Centrally located in North Carolina, Chatham County enjoys a temperate climate with four distinct seasons. Winters are mild, but summers can be very warm and humid. The central location also provides excellent access to other North Carolina features. There is excellent outdoor recreation in the county, but the coast and mountains are a short distance from Chatham for those who enjoy a weekend getaway. The average annual precipitation for the area is 48.2".

  Average High Average Low Average Precipitation
Jan. 49.2°F 28.8°F 4.16"
Feb. 53.6°F 31.1°F 3.72"
Mar. 62°F 38.9°F 4.55"
Apr. 71°F 46°F 3.35"
May 77.8°F 54.9°F 4.64"
June 84.7°F 63.4°F 3.97"
July 88.5°F 67.4°F 4.67"
Aug. 86.8°F 65.6°F 4.05"
Sept. 81.2°F 59.3°F 4.26"
Oct. 71.4°F 46.5°F 8.32"
Nov. 62.2°F 38.5°F 3.33"
Dec. 52.2°F 31.6°F 3.24"

Source: State Climate Office of North Carolina

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