Site To Do Business

The EDC has several tools to help current and future business owners find a location that will work for their business. These tools provide site analysis and market research for geographical areas.

Site To Do Business (STDB) Online

STDB is a leader in commercial real estate demographics. It integrates online data into a dynamic GIS mapping environment, allowing users to make the best decision possible for a given piece of real estate. STDB is a reliable source for real estate analytical tools such as demographic data, business information, thematic mapping, lifestyle data and high quality aerial imagery.

Chatham EDC has a subscription to this service. If you'd like market research completed on a property, contact Chatham EDC.

Tools for Business Success

This one-stop resource on the web combines local, state and national information to help entrepreneurs start and expand their small businesses. It is also available in Spanish. A business start-up kit, loan repayment calculator, and government forms tailored for a specific business are just a few of the highlights of this comprehensive resource.