Entrepreneurship & Small Business Development

Small businesses are a primary source of job creation in most economies; small businesses and entrepreneurs stimulate job creation, develop crucial innovations in products and production processes, and promote the diversification of the economic base. Entrepreneurs and small business owners play a significant and growing role in Chatham’s local economy.

The EDC supports entrepreneurs and small business owners as they work to establish and expand operations. Using our network of local service providers, we help small businesses locate resources and support, including start-up training, financing sources, and technical and marketing assistance. We are developing a comprehensive online directory of small business resources and aim to be the one-stop center for new ventures in Chatham County.

The EDC doesn’t just connect residents with resources; we strive to bridge gaps. For example, we established the region’s only rural revolving loan fund for small businesses, and in October 2009, closed our first loan through the Chatham Loan Fund.

For more information about the EDC’s entrepreneurship and small business development program, please contact Mari Howe at 919-542-8277 or mhowe@chathamedc.org.