Strategic Plan

2015-2020 Strategic Action Agenda (pdf)

The EDC contracted with Ted Abernathy of Economic Leadership in July 2014 to update its strategic plan. Abernathy, an experienced economic development professional, has provided strategic planning for cities, counties, regions and states throughout the southeast.

Through targeted outreach and focus groups with businesses and elected officials, Abernathy developed a five-year plan that identifies Chatham County’s current economic reality, its desired future, and recommendations for achieving those goals.

Read more about the strategic action agenda's development here.

2008 Economic Development Strategic Plan

In April 2007, the Chatham County Board of Commissioners contracted with the University of North Carolina’s Center for Competitive Economies (C3E) to create an economic development strategic plan for Chatham County. The Chatham Economic Development Corporation (EDC) was charged with facilitating strategic plan development in consultation with Chatham County leaders and citizens.

In the initial phase of the project, C3E proposed to engage Chatham County citizens in five community meetings held through the county.  The meetings were conducted in Bear Creek, Pittsboro, Northeast Chatham, Moncure, and Siler City.  Total attendance exceeded 250 citizens with attendance ranging from 20-80 citizens per meeting.

The Strategic Plan represents an analytical and objective analysis of Chatham County’s economy and economic development options and utilizes the preferences of the community in making recommendations that offer the best economic development outcomes.  The final version of the Strategic Economic Development Plan was delivered to the Chatham County Commissioners and the EDC in June 2008; the plan was adopted by the county, the towns of Goldston, Pittsboro, and Siler City, and the Chatham County School Board at a historic joint meeting in November 2008.  Implementation of the plan's recommendations for attraction, retention, entrepreneurship, and quality of life improvements is an ongoing priority for the EDC Board of Directors and staff.

Final Version Strategic Plan