Opportunity Chatham

Info about the 2013 Opportunity Chatham HERE.

At the 2010 Annual Meeting, the Chatham County EDC publicly launched Opportunity Chatham: A Five Year Economic Growth and Prosperity Initiative 2010-2014. The Opportunity Chatham Capital Campaign is a five-year, $3 million fundraising initiative. Funds will be used to attract new businesses and retain existing firms, while developing and nurturing entrepreneurs.

The EDC developed Opportunity Chatham to ensure that every Chatham business, industry and individual benefits from new growth and prosperity. This ambitious multi-year program will give Chatham County a competitive edge and ensure that we emerge on top as the economy rebounds.

For the first time, this campaign provides an opportunity for the private sector to join the public in driving and capitalizing economic development. Local governments have already committed $2 million to the initiative. It is now up to other stakeholders, including the county's businesses and residents, to help close the $1 million gap. We're counting on you to help invest in Chatham's future.  


Please consider supporting the Opportunity Chatham Capital Campaign with a private donation. The EDC is a 501(c)3 corporation and donations are tax-deductible.

Five Year Plan

Opportunity Chatham is designed to improve the lives of all who live, work and have economic ties in Chatham County. Between 2010 and 2014, we seek to produce the following specific, measurable, and critical outcomes:

  • 3,655 total new jobs
  • $211 million in capital investment
  • $116.7 million in total payroll
  • $90.4 million in consumer expenditures
  • 15% reduction in retail leakage ratio, currently at 55% leakage


Opportunity Chatham Campaign Brochure (pdf)
Economic Impact Analysis for Chatham County (pdf)
Property Tax Revenue Analysis (pdf)