Property Taxes

Chatham County’s 2019-2020 tax rate is $0.67 per $100 of assessed value. Additional rates apply for property located in towns and special districts. View a comprehensive property tax rate at There is no state property tax.

Personal and real property are taxed at the same rate. For additional information, visit the Chatham County Tax Office.

Sales & Use Tax

The sales tax rate for Chatham County is 6.75%, lower than many nearby municipalities. Builders and businesses are encouraged to ensure they are paying the correct sales tax rate when shopping in certain zip codes. The tax is shared between North Carolina and Chatham County.

Corporate Income Tax

The 2019 corporate income tax rate is 2.5%, the lowest in the nation among states that levy the tax. Only C-corporations or entities that opt to be taxed as C-corporations are subject to corporate income tax. The State of North Carolina collects corporate income tax.

Personal Income Tax

The 2019 individual income tax rate is 5.25%. Businesses that are organized as S-corporations or limited liability companies file through the individual income tax. The State of North Carolina collects personal income tax.

For additional information, visit the North Carolina Department of Revenue.