Opportunity Zones were created through The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (H.R.1) passed by Congress in 2017. This community development program provides a tax incentive for investors to re-invest unrealized capital gains into designated areas. Chatham County has three census tracts that are designated Opportunity Zones: 203, 206 and 207.02.

You can view Opportunity Zones on Chatham County’s GIS program.

  1. Open GIS and click the second icon in the header row in the upper right-hand of the screen, called Layer List.
  2. In the Layer List, find Land Use & Planning. Check the box and expand the menu item.
  3. Within the Land Use & Planning menu, find Federal Opportunity Zone and select the box next to it to turn the layer on.
  4. Note that there are other boxes checked in the Land Use & Planning layer and different colors on the map. All zoning layers are automatically turned on but can be turned off by unchecking the individual boxes. 

Learn more about Opportunity Zones.

Opportunity Fund Investors

If you have an Opportunity Fund in place and are interested in investing in Chatham County Opportunity Zones, please contact the Chatham EDC at 919-542-8274.