From the Chatham News + Record, by Bill Horner III:

SANFORD — The events, unrelated and seemingly discordant, would create — rather quickly — the inspiration for something not found anywhere in North Carolina, or perhaps the entire eastern seaboard.

A mainstay manufacturer’s closure and move to Mexico. A serendipitous round of golf in Sanford. The largest single donation in Central Carolina Community College history. The need for more training and workforce development space for any massive economic development project that might come this way.

They built on one another quickly in the summer and fall of 2021 to create the kernel of a vision for a world-class education and training center, the largest of its kind focused on addressing advanced manufacturing and biotechnology workforce training.

Everything’s in place for it to happen.

It’ll be known as The Moore Center, and work on it has already begun. All CCCC President Dr. Lisa Chapman needs to bring it to completion is a little bit of time.

And about $50 million.

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