Free Soft Skills Training

Do you want to provide your employees with new soft skills training? Whether a refresher on teamwork or back to the basics of professionalism, your employees may benefit from a soft skills training program from Chatham Literacy and NCWorks Career Center-Chatham.

Chatham Literacy has partnered with the Chatham Economic Development Corporation and NCWorks Career Center-Chatham to provide free skill enhancement courses. Classes cover COVID-19 in the workplace, professionalism, teamwork, and networking. The trainings are provided during the last two weeks in July, August, September, October and November with courses offered on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Upon completion of the four courses, participants will receive a certificate and/or an opportunity to apply for a National Career Readiness Certification.

This training is geared towards adults who are job searching or looking to improve in their current position. The courses will be offered via Zoom, in English.