From the Chatham News + Record:

MONCURE — Chatham County’s largest megasite is “re-branding” its image and purpose to attract a host of new businesses, which promise to introduce as many as 20,000 new jobs in coming years.

Moncure’s 2,150-acre Triangle Innovation Point (TIP) — formerly known as the Moncure megasite — has been in development for more than a decade. For most of that time, its owners hoped to attract a single major industrial company to inhabit the space.

“The idea with the Moncure megasite was to primarily develop the property and work with Chatham County to help land a major auto manufacturer,” said Jason Kaplan, the managing member of Moncure Holdings LLC, which oversees TIP’s development. “… The word of the day was auto manufacturing because of all the additional jobs that one manufacturer would create.”

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