Published by the Chatham News + Record, written by CCCC Small Business Center director Jon Spoon.

The past couple of weeks have been the most difficult of my professional life. I have heard from many people that are struggling desperately to keep their businesses and lives on track. The uncertainty can be debilitating. However, with some creativity and grit, we will make it through this. Here are a few tips for small business owners during the crisis.

Come up with a plan: If you have never had a business plan, you will need one now. At the very least, write out what your business will need to do to operate for the next six months. Explain how your business operated before the crisis, how it will have to adapt during the crisis and what benchmarks you will use to know if things are going well enough.

Reach out for assistance: Seek out webinars and help from support organizations. The Small Business Center, Chatham EDC and Chatham Chamber of Commerce are here to help. Check their websites for information and register for online trainings.

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