What is a small area plan?

A small area plan contains a set of specific strategies that aim to preserve or improve a specific area of the county. The plan may address issues such as land use, zoning, transportation, economic development, housing, aesthetics and service delivery. The scope of the plan depends directly on issues or projects that are identified by the county. Small area plans act as policy guides for decision making.

How does it apply to Moncure and the VinFast project?

The Chatham County Comprehensive Plan economic development action items state:

After the occupancy of the first major tenant within the Moncure megasite, prepare a small area plan for the Moncure Area. The type and scale of the tenant will help define the housing, commercial, and service needs as well as the demand for infrastructure capacity. [Chatham County Comprehensive Plan, Economic Development Action Items #02 p. 144]

Now that VinFast has decided to locate at the Triangle Innovation Point, formerly known as the Moncure Megasite, the Chatham County government will begin small area planning for the surrounding area. The planning staff will be reviewing the needs and impacts of the VinFast project and making plans for future development around the site.

What does small area planning entail?

Small area plans are conducted and design principles and standards are formed to give guidance to developers of sites within and at the edges of the megasite. Such guidance will inform decisions about relationships between buildings (orientation, placement, scale); architecture (building materials, fenestration); transportation network (vehicular, bike, pedestrian, and transit facilities – placement, capacity, materials, furnishings, etc.); streetscape; public and publicly-accessible spaces and amenities.

What does it mean for Moncure?

With the arrival of VinFast, parts of Moncure will look different. Chatham County government is working hard to preserve the Moncure’s unique charm, while carefully planning for new industrial, commercial and residential development.


Chatham County Comprehensive Plan | VinFast Announcement