A Curated General Store for the Everyday Home

More thought goes into the details of Deep River Mercantile than customers and passersby may ever realize. Not even the tissue paper placed in shoppers’ bags escapes the consideration of owner Hannah Brown.

Situated in the heart of downtown Pittsboro, Deep River Mercantile is primarily a studio that specializes in custom painted cabinetry that also operates as a gift store with a wide range of wares. Brown never imagined that the business would become what it is today, an established studio and storefront that celebrated its second anniversary this past summer.

The roots of Deep River Mercantile can be traced back seven years to Brown’s home, where she painted custom furniture for clients. The business was born when she saw a need for thoughtful kitchen cabinetry painting that incorporated design. It resulted in rewarding work for her, helping clients create their dream kitchen or learn to love their homes.

The biggest challenge that Deep River Mercantile has faced so far has been the rapid growth it has experienced and the growing pains that came with it.

“We’ve certainly been blessed that the community took to our business so well, but it presented its challenges.  Hiring the right people and making those needed personnel changes was the only way we have made it through,” said Brown.

Another thing that the casual shopper may not know about Deep River Mercantile is their dedication to providing quality service and products. The items they carry, which include furniture, jewelry, candles, local foods and home accessories, follow strict fair trade and ethical policies that Brown routinely monitors.

“We are proud of our town and proud of the products we carry,” Brown said. “We believe in quality over quantity and strive to provide our clients and customers with the best service and the best selection of carefully chosen products.”

Faced with Chatham County’s expected growth, Deep River Mercantile is happy to be a part of historic downtown Pittsboro. For Brown, the focus is on the revitalization of the area and maintaining the town’s unique charm.

Besides the demand for studio work, the favorite product of customers at Deep River Mercantile is a candle brand that features hand-poured candles made in Richmond, VA, that donates a portion of the proceeds to a dog rescue.

Now that Brown has fully established her business, she isn’t stopping now. The future of Deep River Mercantile could include an increased web presence and even an additional store location.

For more information about products, services and store hours at Deep River Mercantile, visit their website at deeprivermerc.com. Deep River Mercantile is located at 115 Hillsboro Street in Pittsboro.