From the Chatham News + Record:

Medical device manufacturers have come under intense scrutiny in the last year. Several scrambled at the pandemic’s start to supply COVID-19-specific products, with limited success. Just this month, federal regulators harangued a medical laboratory in Baltimore after hasty disregard for sanitation standards led to about 15 million contaminated vaccines.

But Pittsboro’s Gilero — an engineering design firm and medical device producer — is showing the world how it’s done.

I caught up with Gilero’s CEO, Ted Mosler, last week to see what new and ambitious plans he has for the yet-modest operation. Last I wrote about the company, Gov. Roy Cooper had just visited the Pittsboro plant to examine its face shield production. Gilero, which only opened its Pittsboro location in 2019, shot to statewide prominence when its 3D printed plastic protectors were used in health care facilities around North Carolina.

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