From the Chatham News + Record, by D. Lars Dolder:

SILER CITY — Fabricated pipes and fitting products aren’t glamorous commodities, but they’re essential in the smooth operation of several critical industries — and a global supplier has its North American headquarters in Siler City.

AD Tubi was founded in Italy in 1997. CEO Andrea Degano started the company after more than 20 years of learning the industry from the ground up. Since then, AD Tubi products have made their way around the world, but the company has only recently increased its U.S. footprint.

“In late 2017 we made the decision to move forward with expansion of our operations into North America,” Craig Sullivan, president of AD Tubi USA, told the News + Record. “There were two states being considered, North Carolina and Texas — those are the best for new business in the country. And ultimately we settled on Siler City in 2018.”

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