From the Chatham News + Record:

PITTSBORO — Energy is an imprecise science. Experts generally agree about two-thirds of all electrical energy goes to waste ­— from the generation point at a power plant, through a series of transformations, and finally at the outlet in your house, energy is sacrificed hither and thither with wanton abandon.

“All that’s considered ‘rejected energy,’” Alex West, vice president of operations and financial officer at Pittsboro’s 3DFS, told the News + Record. “Only about 33% of the energy that is produced electrically is actually used and the rest is lost mostly through heat and through vibration.”

3DFS hopes to change that. The small Pittsboro startup — which has operated for about 10 years, the last seven in a 10,000 square-foot lab on N.C. Hwy. 902 — intends to upend the energy industry’s notion of acceptable waste. Its technology, software-defined electricity, has demonstrated the ability to radically improve energy transmission and retention. According to data on its website, 3DFS can demonstrate 94% efficiency, “meaning that the electrical energy remained electricity and fully transferred the energy into work…”

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